Thursday, July 10, 2008

Amazing Robotic Hand

I was looking around for some inspiration a few weeks ago and I came upon something that really impressed me. At, I saw a video of a robotic hand with three joints that was able to imitate another person's hand. At the time, I was not quite yet back into working with the NXT, and it seemed like it was much too advanced for me to even try to figure out. However, now that I have found an excellent development environment and am steadily improving my skills, I am intrigued by what the robot's developer, named Ramin, was able to do. As the comments in the video help viewers see what is happening, as well as the source code. It uses three hitechnic gyro sensors that are attached to the user's hand, which output the rotation of each joint to the NXT, which integrates that rotation to find the angle. The angle is then sent to the motors, which use a proportional motion controller to calculate the power and direction needed to imitate the human hand. The source code is open to anyone who wants a look and is available here

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