Thursday, July 10, 2008

NXTSegway Extreme Makeover

Well, as cool as the old NXTSegway looked, with the big wheels and all, I decided that it is time to redesign it for several reasons: 1) The big wheels increased the height as well as the center of gravity, making it harder to pull the robot back to equilibrium, 2) The big wheels actually caused the robot to over-correct and lose precision due to the much larger circumference, and 3) the larger wheels prevented me from putting a bar across the front to hold the motors on laterally, so I had to settle for strapping a green rubber band around the middle, which kept getting in the way. I am going to continue the NXTSegway project with this model, which will hopefully yield better results. If you want a model of it, you can download the .lxf file (Lego Digital Designer file) here. I'll post pictures or video with the release of the next revision.

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