Saturday, July 5, 2008

Welcome to MADRobotics!

This site will be devoted primarily to my endeavors in the robotics field using LEGO Mindstorms NXT products. New projects, ideas, robots, building instructions, and programs will be documented, as well as my experiences, positive or negative, with new programming environments and third-party sensors. I began Mindstorms two years ago, but at the time did not know much programming, and the language I was familiar with, Visual Basic, was text based. The NXT-G graphical-based software was almost too simple and I was not able to use it to make the robots do what I desired them to do. So, I gave them up for a while and began learning C++ which has helped me out immensely. I just began using my Mindstorms again, using ROBOTC, a programming language and environment developed by Carnegie Mellon University, and I am having a completely different experience than I did before. I hope you enjoy my site as it begins to grow; feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and tips as I will be posting much of my source code here for the public to analyze and revise.

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